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Bodging at STOIC

Alan and I were at meeting held in Imperial College on Friday so in between our lunch time pint at the Union bar and our 5 o’clock pint at the Union bar we decided to have a wander around the Union building. There was no-one in at STOIC (students don’t go back ’til October), but […]

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STOIC nearly finished!

The new STOIC studio is nearly complete! Freshers Fair is on Tuesday, and they’re hoping to have all wiring done by then. The new complex is based around a gorgeous 32×32 matrix and loads and loads of loverly Krone…. If anyone has a spare genlockable camera to lend them, they’re looking for a big impact […]

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Stoic Moves Online

Hey all! Stoic has just moved into the Twenty-First Century! Well, kind of. Some people were impressed. Anyway, we’ve set up a postboard to brainstorm programmes, technical stuff, and general chat. All are welcome to join and post, especially alumni who want to stick their oar in. And it’s a good way to keep up-to-date […]

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stoic Starts Webstream

stoic writes “Yesterday stoic broke new ground for student television by being the first station to offer streaming video of our programmes. Other stations have offered clips for download but never a stream. Thanks to Rex and 2020Media.com, who are currently providing the service for us, you can now watch this Tuesday’s (22 Jan 2002) […]

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