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Its cold outside, warm inside

Our dedicated reporter Rex found that Mr Parish has been moon lighting? Whilst doing some undercover work in the Round Table pub, the following sign was spotted. However, it was quickly realised that the sign writer had made a spelling mistake..


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Elliot and his big erection

The famous STOIC traveller Elliot has returned from South Africa. Everyone’s favourite son of a baker has returned to the UK. He was spotted by the PSTOIC Bloodhounds on the Isle of Wight at a repairshop repairing his telescopic mast.

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Eliott’s other hobby

“When Eliott’s not practising for his wedding, he can be found on the BBC website: www.bbc.co.uk/england/eastmidlandstoday Picture claims to be of a sound desk, but shouldn’t there be some cleaning spray nearby to compensate for the scratchy faders? Many thanks for Bryan Crotaz for finding this one.”


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