A mini-meetup was organised at short nortice last week as a VSPP (very special pStoic person) was in London.

The plan was to meet at the “refurbished” Imperial pub off Leicester Square followed by a meal at the Happy restaurant nearby. We hadn’t realised that Wednesday was live music night at the pub. The special guest was Ledda, a long overdue visit from Canada. Alan, Alex, Kevin, Martin and Matthew also made it.

A big Thank you to those who contributed to the renewal/upkeepĀ of pstoic.com.

It is hoped that the annual pSTOIC dinner will be on January 13th 2024 (or possibly the 6th). A reminder that the theme is “Bring something hot” – these dates have been approved by the VSPP as she said she can make this date.

Here’s a possible suggestion for the 2024 theme from Ledda’s dessert:

Many thanks to Martin for this report, please visit http://www.g7oli.co.uk/bodge_events.py?22-pStoicAug2023 for full report and photos.

Coming Soon: September Londno meetup with another far-away Bodger…