As you may know, we’ve uploaded some short STOIC programmes to YouTube.

Also on YouTube is Imperial College Television Studio. We had a lovely email from Steve Bell who was an active member of STOIC when it was based in ICTV. I’m copying it in full here.

Hi, Rex,

I worked with Colin in the time of Mike Southern, Clive Dewey, Selwyn Castleden and just into the Mark Cauldwell era. For example, I was running telecine for the James Burke interview, so you could say it was early(ish) days!

If you watch the “Topic” intro from January 1974 (!) mine is the first voice and face you see and hear. I can hardly believe it myself.

Colin will have many more stories than I have – he’s spent his entire working life with the IC Television Studio – every minute of it! 🙂 He has quite a few clips, too – including that ’74 intro!

Pstoic looks very interesting. I will visit from time to time, but I doubt I have much to add. Good luck with the general Stoic Alumni project.

Best Wishes,
Steve Bell.

Anyone who’d like to take a look at the ICTV Youtube site can go here