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`The Bodgologist` launches

Thank you for mentioning the launch of `The Bodgologist`. You cannot imagine the struggle (and expense) this has been against a very powerful and well oiled motoring media machine. As it will take some time to get a presence on the search engines, It would be even nicer if you were to display the website […]


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The Bodgologist launches

In the macho-male dominated world of motoring journalism, where it’s all horses and gizmos despite an ever-increasing proportion of the consumers being women, none of the columnists or TV programmes feature the construction of the car, let alone from the female point of view. All that is about to change. www.bodgologist.co.uk


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Fart Techno? He must have been in STOIC….

PSTOIC News: Fart Techno? He must have been in STOIC…. Posted on Tuesday, April 23 [email protected] 09:29:26 BST by admin Beardy Wierdy writes “Surely this bloke must be an ex-stoic member. Can anyone remember him?? Here’s the email I got this morning, addressed to [email protected]: Hi My name is Basil Simonenko and I am a […]


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