PSTOIC News: Fart Techno? He must have been in STOIC….
Posted on Tuesday, April 23 2002@ 09:29:26 BST by admin

Funny Stuff Beardy Wierdy writes “Surely this bloke must be an ex-stoic member. Can anyone remember him?? Here’s the email I got this morning, addressed to [email protected]: Hi My name is Basil Simonenko and I am a freelance music/audio producer operating out of London in the U.K

I have created a unique new type of music known as ” fart techno” after sampling my own wind activity for over 4 hours in the studio! Please click on the link to listen to it… also features live toilet action so if you have a weak stomach don’t do it ! Fart Techno If you would like to shock your audiences with this controversial audio then please contact me and we can work out a real cheap licensing deal! Enjoy! Also do voice overs and provide original music loops at my own website! Kind regards
Basil Simonenko