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STOIC Video archive in safe hands

In the present day the idea of recording onto flimsy videotape may seem bizarre to the current generation, but that’s what we had available at the time. As Student Television evolved into the digital age, the rows and rows of old video tape – primarily Umatic in the case of STOIC, clearly became a waste […]

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RIP STOIC 1969 – 2021

Following a tip-off from Andy Bennett, we’ve discovered that very, very sadly, the Student Television Of Imperial College is reported to have shut down in 2021. This seems to have been as a result of the closure of college during COVID, and when it reopened, there just weren’t the existing members to introduce the new […]

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Annual Dinner 2023

Reposted from http://www.g7oli.co.uk/bodge_events.py?21-pStoicJan2023 (where there are more photos) Numbers this year were slightly up on 2022 with a possible 10 people signed up for the night, unfortunately Doug and Alex could not make it at the last minute. We met at the often used Imperial pub just off Leicester Square, thankfully no bouncer on the […]

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Annual Dinner 2022

A small group of bodgers met up on 29th January for a slightly later than planned annual meet up. Numbers were kept small but the enthusiasm and enjoyment for the evening was anything but. We had a competition, with the theme being “bring something stoic”, chosen 2 years ago. Food was courtesy of “Wildwood”, this […]

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Dinner 2020/21

With the wide disruption due to Covid-19, there pSTOIC dinne for 2020/21 has been cancelled.

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