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Annual Dinner January 2024

Reposted from http://www.g7oli.co.uk/bodge_events.py?23-pStoicJan2024  (where there are more photos) Thanks go to Olivier for organising this year’s Bodgers Assemble (10 people). It was great to welcome Ledda to the meetup, as she now lives in Canada. We sadly had apologies from Andy Bennett, Rob and Andy Clark, but their presence next time will be expected! Olivier, […]


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STOIC provides route to highly paid and sparkling profession

That’s if you believe this write up from a 1990’s Imperial College magazine about clubs and societies at the college. The photo is from the filming of the short-lived gameshow “Going for Coppers”.  

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Summer VSPP meetup – 16th August 2023

A mini-meetup was organised at short nortice last week as a VSPP (very special pStoic person) was in London. The plan was to meet at the “refurbished” Imperial pub off Leicester Square followed by a meal at the Happy restaurant nearby. We hadn’t realised that Wednesday was live music night at the pub. The special […]

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STOIC Video archive in safe hands

In the present day the idea of recording onto flimsy videotape may seem bizarre to the current generation, but that’s what we had available at the time. As Student Television evolved into the digital age, the rows and rows of old video tape – primarily Umatic in the case of STOIC, clearly became a waste […]

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RIP STOIC 1969 – 2021

Following a tip-off from Andy Bennett, we’ve discovered that very, very sadly, the Student Television Of Imperial College is reported to have shut down in 2021. This seems to have been as a result of the closure of college during COVID, and when it reopened, there just weren’t the existing members to introduce the new […]

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