Oh my oh my… a couple of nights ago, was I not surprised, sorry wrong term, FLABBERGASTED, see a familiar face on ABC. Yes, it was none other than our very own DECLAN CURRY doing a live Satellite link from the BBC studios in London to the ABC studios in the US. The program, part of ABC’s night news, was a weekly link-up with Britain just like every other sunday night.

Declan, Version 2001 vs. Version 1991: 1. he has lost his accent to some extent, although he still sounds like something is stuck in his throat.
2. he has lost some hair
3. he has lost his glasses – oh yes, this is the new look funky Declan
4. he still wears really really, I mean REALLY dull ties
5. he has gained a bit of humour ! No really, he has !
6. he still wants to direct *everything* in the studio.
proof: the camera was not properly white-balanced so he looked as though he was just out of a grave. Actually, he probably was, never mind…
Just thought you might want to know… O.