Last week STOIC member Jamie Danesi was visiting London with a friend, and kindly arranged some time to have dinner with a few ex STOIC-ers.

It was brilliant to catch up with Jamie after 18 years. Jamie now works at the Pentagon for the US Armed Services. Any bodging there?

Jamie and Ronjoy (caption competition below) reminisced about the Terminator 3 project –  in fact I’d say Jamie had a better memory of it that Ronjoy. I was surprised to be reminded that Jamie had only been at Imperial for 4 months, but she got involved in Terminator, RedHotStoic, reading the weekly news programme and some of the legendary social events. I still have a very clear memory of a certain party in the Fulham flat where a certain wheelie-bin toting student perhaps over-indulged on the cider and decided to leave the party with Jamie, with a physics student in hot pursuit. Ah happy days….

Caption Competition:

Jamie and Ronjoy Reminiscing

I was delighted to see that Jamie lists pSTOIC in her LinkedIn profile. If we all add STOIC to our social and business networking sites, perhaps STOIC will be get nominated for one of those “best place to sleep” type award.