If you ever wanted to then you could make your own Russ mask

Make a Russ Mask

Make a Russ Mask

The Russ Mask was invented by Brett Husbands for a rather scary 30th Birthday.

For this construction project you will need:


  • A colour printer
  • Scissors
  • A plastic or wooder 30cm ruler (or a stick of about 30cm)
  • Sticky tape


  1. Print out the Russ image
  2. Cut along the dotted line (please ask a sober adult for help with this step)
  3. Poke out the eyes using a bradawl, pen or chopstick (try not to get too excited during this step our you could hurt yourself)
  4. Attach the ruler to the back of the mask using the sticky tape.

Using your Russ Mask

Russ on a stick

Russ on a stick

To use your mask, place it in front of face and say one of the following quotes:

  • I am Russ Casey
  • No I am Russ Casey
  • Have you tried hitting it with a hammer
  • Another pint of Kronenburg
  • Rex, let me back in, I won’t be sick