Base Of Operations:
Mobile, often AOLopolis or Montgomery, AL
Marital Status: Widowed
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown, or reptillian yellow.
Hair: Bald
Date of Birth: 2/28/42

Occupation: Terrorist, Avenger, would-be World Conqueror.
Current Status: At large. Last seen in company of Tempest127 fleeing the river that divides AOLopolis (does it have a name yet?)
Powers and Abilities: Enhanched strength, speed, agility and healing. Doesn’t age. Has fangs that can squirt their venom up to twenty feet. Has claws that he can alter the venom on, producing a varity of effects on their victims, ranging from mild headache, to uncosciousness, to death. Master organic chemist and tactician.
Weapons: Often uses a variety of bombs and other objects to carry out his plans, but prefers to fight tooth and claw in single combat.
History: That’s what the story’s going to be about, dummy!
Vulnerabilities and Limitations: None known.
Notes: Pstoic is dedicated to eliminating racism and injustice. He can only see one way to do so: take over the world. He especially hates the AOLeague, mainly Sdcomics, CheeksMite and ADeadMan, and he sees them as the tools of a oppressive system. His goals in life won’t be complete until they die or bow to him. Whichever happens first.