How about the 22nd? I.e. next friday somewhere in central London?


  • Alan Sounds good. Don’t forget to bring your old hard discs so that Andy can make
    them in to slabs

  • Friday 22nd is fine with me. rex
  • Sorry, I won’t be able to make it. I’m working in Leicester on Friday. Bryan
  • Sad to miss it, especially having been in London a few days earlier (for work).
    Enjoy!  O.
  • I’ll miss it too I’m afraid – I’ll be in the new forest. Russ
  • Likewise, off to Wales for the weekend. Have fun. Martin
  • Are there any plans to visit Clarkenwell Screws at some stage? Alan
  • Oh no ! I am on my way to the beach via  … the new Forest …. on Firday. I am glad I saw this. I was just about to head out to the Imperial this evening 🙁 Now I need to grovel to my wife for dinner. Matthew