Hydrogen generator and fuel cell car

Hydrogen generator and fuel cell car

The pSTOIC annual dinner took place last Saturday 16th January and I have to say it was one of the best yet. In a minor way, we’d said there was a theme of “bring something interesting”, but I doubt anyone was expecting a hydrogen fuel cell car! Doug surprised everyone (including the restuarant manager – see photo) by bringing two projects along.

Other items included  a super-bright LED matrix from Doug, some natural rubber from Malaysia, a hard drive (post smelt), a mystery photo (Colossus computer), and a vicious looking clamp.

Photos can be seen on Martin’s website, and there’s a short video clip of the hydrogen car on the pSTOIC YouTube page

No fleas this year, the flea director has been busy in his shed on other projects recently.

The post-meet-up mailing list has suggested “bring something baffling” for next year.