Any past or current member of STOIC – Student Television of Imperial College is invited to come to the annual dinner 2019.

This year we are back on familiar ground with a meal booked at Sticky Fingers in High Street Kensington. Noted for it’s Ribs, it was also temporariyl home to a large stone sculpture, brought by Bryan one year to the dinner. Amazingly they have forgotten about this and are allowing us to return.

Dinner Details

Before Dinner Drinks 6:30pm

This is a Youngs pub near the restaurant albeit on the opposite side of Ken High Street. There should be plenty of space to mix and mingle before we head over to the food. Gmap

Sticky Fingers 8pm

1 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London W8 7QB

Sit down to eat at 8pm

Party menu only please – SFK-PARTY-MENU1

Info and map:


The theme for this year’s dinner is “Bring something foreign”.  A few days to go and we currently have 20 places booked so should be a fantastic event this year.

Bryan's Stone Sculpture

Bryan’s Stone Sculpture