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Numbers this year were slightly up on 2022 with a possible 10 people signed up for the night, unfortunately Doug and Alex could not make it at the last minute. We met at the often used Imperial pub just off Leicester Square, thankfully no bouncer on the door and it soon thinned out nearer Theatre time. Wingmans on Old Compton Street was chosen for the main venue with ample downstairs seating available (at the Henneth Paltrow table). Free WiFi was provided courtesy of 2020Media (and fully tested). This would prove rather useful as the menus were all online.

This year’s theme was bring something analogue. Items included:

Judging this year was done by those who did not submit anything (John, Ronjoy and Matt). After a few rounds of voting and discussions on what counted as being analogue, Kevin was decided the winner. Andy Clark had kindly sent us the 2023 medal:

  • Winning entry
    Kevins’s Korg Sythesizer

The theme for 2024….

Bring something hot