Following on from the very successful annual dinner, and a visit to the STOIC studio, an Archivist has been nominated, seconded and press-ganged into existance – Doug Makhija.
His job is to digitise various crusty U-matic tapes and distribute as DVD.
9 tapes were kindly lent by John at Stoic for the first wave. Alan has produced a working U-matic player, model VP-5030, and Doug has the necessary digitiser hardware. Donations of blank DVDVideo-Rs would be appreciated.

The tapes selected are as follows:
Motor Show 91
Part Bimbo Part Beefcake Part 1
Part Bimbo Part Beefcake Part 2
Part Bimbo Part Beefcake Master Edit
Funnies + other bits 89/90
Funnies Dump tape Vol1 from 70’s
DLR Documentary
Hypnotism 91
Sabbatical Promo 90 (marked “not for broadcast”!!)

Also underway is the infamous “Chairman embarrasment tape” featuring Jon Denham.

A special section of this website is being prepared to track progress of digitising and take requests for additional material. Visits to the Union Bar STOIC studio will be necessary for extra tapes to be borrowed.