Alan and I were at meeting held in Imperial College on Friday so in between our lunch time pint at the Union bar and our 5 o’clock pint at the Union bar we decided to have a wander around the Union building.

There was no-one in at STOIC (students don’t go back ’til October), but we were a bit worried to see these lovely monitors out in the corridor.profeels

Hopefully they’re not going to be chucked, but if anyone wants to give them a good home, I suggest a quick contact with STOIC as soon as term starts.

They’re 2 profeel Sonys and a couple of basterd heavy Barcos. I remember a massive operation to hoist these to the scaff in the studio.
I wonder how they got them down?

blue-lift If you haven’t visited the union building for a while, you might be interested to know that:

  • There’s a new lift – all shiny glass and blue LEDs
  • The old lift is still there – just as bouncy 🙂
  • Dramsoc crap was still lying about the (unlocked) concert hall

I was sad to find the STOIC mug wasn’t around at the union bar, apparently off for engraving… Either that or (more likely) the bar staff couldn’t be arsed to find it for a semi-pissed old fart…dramsoc