Spotted this yesterday in the Evening Standard – looks like Ledda’s going to be the next Martha Lane Fox!
Check out this report on her companies invention, the ‘Pogo’, which will be hitting Carphone Warehouses in January. Looks like you’re on to a winner Ledda – so if you are thinking about what to get me for my Christmas stocking…. Rex


  • I think it might be a spoof. Russ’ head is too big. Of course it might just be that his head is too big!
  • It’s not My company , I just work here.
    Fun though it is, I’m not gonna be getting rich anytime soon 🙁

    ps: Surprised you only just spotted it actually, it’s been all over the place .. BBC, The Guardian, etc.
    Check out T3 magazine, I’ve been told it’s in the Dec issue. Haven’t had a chance to look, so dunno if it includes the mandatory sexy chic ! 😉

  • Oh my goshhhhh ! I only just thought to click on the link …. how could you !!!!!???????
    and Bryan of all people !!! 😉

    Don’t even want to ask where you got My picture from !

    Funny though, I’ll give you that.

  • ps: Is that what Russ looks like now ???

    I don’t recognise that face.