Saved for future bodgers of STOIC.  These lovely old things were about to by chucked into the nearest skip, but I felt they deserved to be kept for purely nostalgic reasons. Allegedly the Rover still works fine (it’s even got a tape in it) but the two cameras, the Panasonic F10 and the F15 are currently non-working. The F10 died a long time ago, but the F15 may well be operable.
However the lead between the camera and the Rover is missing so we may never find out.Maybe we can make a trophy out of the bits to be given each year at the annual dinner? Your comments appreciated as ever… I’ll bring some of these bits along to the next PSTOIC get to gether and maybe some keen bodger will volunteer to get them running again.

There’s still the CEL framestores and the old edit suite U-matics (heads completely gone). Also available is a fairly large (but will fit in the Union lift) 2-series Umatic playout system.
Matt Balchin get over there and rescue it!! Finally two very large analogue vision mixers are awaiting two strong lads or lasses to carry them away. I coughed up a bullseye for the cameras and umatic – hopefully they’ll spend it on beer….although the technical budget was briefly mentioned..