Andy Bennett, STOIC memberĀ (2001 – 2005) has sent me an update on the missing Umatic tape archive

Some news on the tape archive:

When I was in the Media Center over the summer I noticed
that the archive had disappeared and have been meaning to chase it up.
As luck would have it, I finally got around to it this afternoon and
Colin Grimshaw tells me that 1960->1986 is now in the main college
archive. He’s not sure where the rest is but I recall that there’s still
some Ampex 1″ in the Media Center as well as one more steel cupboard
full of tapes which I assume were missed when they moved stuff to the
College Archive.
2001 -> present are mostly in the stoic office still.

Not that I know what is definitely in the College Archive, I’ll
investigate the steel cupboard in more detail when I’m next in the
basement (which has been rarely, but I’m helping them with this
redevelopment stuff so there’s a chance I’ll be there again soonish).

Many thanks Andy – we’ll update when we have more news.