Thanks to the kind offer of Max Hunter ex-STOIC members were invited to visit Beit Quad today and view the new studio. The whole basement in Beit has been rebuilt and the space is used by a multitude of societies. Felix, STOIC and ICRadio and now much more integrated, with many shared spaces. The building work has just finished and the new equipment is about to be delivered – but as a bodger knows the bit before the shiny stuff goes in is far more interesting!

Some pictures from todays visit.

U-Matic Tape Archive

One purpose of the visit was to see what had happened to the U-Matic tape archive. Here there was very good news, all the tapes have been moved to college archival spaces where they are cryogenically frozen for our descendents to marvel at in centuries to come. Max mentioned he’s planning a major digitisation project of the entire archive which is great news.

Previous digitised U-matic-era material can be found at and including this gem – an interview with Chuck Norris

but let’s not forget the classic STOIC timewaster – the ident: