Andy Bennett

The pSTOIC bloodhounds had a chance meeting with STOIC (and Imperial) alumni, Andy Bennett at a conference yesterday (8 Feb 2023). Andy hasn’t been seen at meetup for many years but does make welcome contributions to the mailing list. For the last 10 years he has been building companies around distributed database technology.

He’s  on Twitter @RegDyn.

Andy shared the news that he’d heard that STOIC (lately Imperial College TV) has shut down! More on this as the bloodhounds investigate…

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Annual Dinner 2023

Reposted from (where there are more photos)

Numbers this year were slightly up on 2022 with a possible 10 people signed up for the night, unfortunately Doug and Alex could not make it at the last minute. We met at the often used Imperial pub just off Leicester Square, thankfully no bouncer on the door and it soon thinned out nearer Theatre time. Wingmans on Old Compton Street was chosen for the main venue with ample downstairs seating available (at the Henneth Paltrow table). Free WiFi was provided courtesy of 2020Media (and fully tested). This would prove rather useful as the menus were all online.

This year’s theme was bring something analogue. Items included:

Judging this year was done by those who did not submit anything (John, Ronjoy and Matt). After a few rounds of voting and discussions on what counted as being analogue, Kevin was decided the winner. Andy Clark had kindly sent us the 2023 medal:

  • Winning entry
    Kevins’s Korg Sythesizer

The theme for 2024….

Bring something hot

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Annual Dinner 2022

A small group of bodgers met up on 29th January for a slightly later than planned annual meet up.

Numbers were kept small but the enthusiasm and enjoyment for the evening was anything but. We had a competition, with the theme being “bring something stoic”, chosen 2 years ago. Food was courtesy of “Wildwood”, this time in Covent Garden as the Gloucester Road branch is permanently closed. We followed the meal with a quick visit to the “Coal Hole”, a quirky pub on the Strand.

Martin Evans was voted the winning entry, for the 3d spinning logo. Andy Clark kindly donated a medal which Martin is proudly holding here

Andy engraved the immortal phrase “I Will Not Bodge” around the edge of the coin, so surely this will be a collectors item in the days, months and years ahead.

Next year’s theme is “Bring something analogue”

Further pictures to follow.

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Dinner 2020/21

With the wide disruption due to Covid-19, there pSTOIC dinne for 2020/21 has been cancelled.

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Annual Dinner 2020

Many thanks to Olivier for introduction:

It was a great night, y’all and great to catch up with everyone! Thanks to Ronjoy for the great organisation! Special mention goes to Kevin who won the “Bring Something Blue” competition by bringing in his own competitive game that could occasionally flash blue LEDs. 2nd Place went to a blue USB cable that lit up, brought by Matthew and 3rd place to a good old fashioned blue Smurf brought by Rex.
Thanks folks and see you next year!

and now to Martin’s magnificent report:

PSTOIC annual dinner – 11th January 2020

Special thanks go to Ronjoy for organising this year’s event (15 people). After a pre-Christmas planning meeting at the The Wheatsheaf off Oxford Street, it was decided to go with Sticky FINGERS in High Street Kensington again for this year’s venue. Rex and Alan suggested meeting beforehand at The Britannia.

This year’s theme was bring something Blue. Items included:

Thanks go to Andy for making the composite medal (full write-up). Kevin’s reaction game was especially popular, even the restaurant staff had a go.

2020 pSTOIC dinner winners medal

This year’s judge was Megan. After a rigorous hands-on appraisal of the various entries, Megan announced the following results:

  • 1st place
    Kevin with his Bluetooth reaction game (with blue LEDs)
  • 2nd place
    Matt’s blue Illuminated USB Cable
  • 3rd place
    Rex’s blue Smurfs

Apologies for absence:

  • Russ Casey – Sorry guys – I’m not feeling well and will bail on tonight’s dinner. Shame too, as I was looking forward to bringing my blue thing. It’s a mobile retro games console. With heated seats! Have a great time.

Next year’s theme….

Bring something stoic


Please visit for all the pictures.

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