Studio Refurb 2015

imperial college student TV Studio Studio Refurbishment 2015

Studio Refurbishment 2015


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Annual dinner 2015 – report

Thanks to Martin Evans for this write-up. You can also see it at his website.

If you have more photos…please send them so I can add them!

After the success of last year’s trip to Gloucester Road, it was decided to give WildWood another go. Olivier took the helm this year and managed to get everything booked. It was definitely a sell out event, with a first time appearance from Alex W

, [and a rare visit from professional Northerner Carl]. The usual pre-meal sharpener at the Hereford Arms was followed by the short walk to the restaurant nearly opposite. Unfortunately, there was a slight issue with Olivier’s booking in that Wildwood had decided to split the group into one big table, and one small one.

More of the report below the gallery..

Doug’s suggestion from last year for the theme was “bring something you’ve made yourself (since the last meal)”. Items included Alan’s programmable LED row, Andy’s 3D printed doobries (I think that’s the correct STOIC term?), Carl’s Arcade emulator, Doug’s dual-boot wiring, Olivier’s Samurai napkin hat, Matt’s wall sockets, Kevin’s hand knitted scarf and Rex’s 3D interactive “roller-coaster ride”.

After a short discussion to reassign the adjudication on this year’s event (no Bryan), Carl’s excellent Arcade emulator won. Andy presented him with a brilliant 3D printed STOIC 2015 badge.

Apologies for absence:

  • Brian – “Sorry guys, I’ve been rather ill today and I’m not going to make it tonight. Have fun.”
  • Jex – Sorry i won’t be able to make it tonight, got tickets to see Queen at the O2, bad planning on Brian’s part there i think. As to this year’s theme, here is a ternary bit of fun that Charlie made for me at school this year using the school laser cutter. Have a great dinner, hope to see you next time.
  • Ledda – Wish I could join you guys, but am not in the country. Have a fab time!! Look forward to the photos.

Next year’s theme…. bring something “Illegal”.  [at some time in history,  somewhere in the world, not necessarily criminal law..Ed]




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Pasta anyone

In a clear trademark infringement homage to PSTOIC, the association of student television NaSTA has setup it’s own alumni organisation and called it…. PaSTA

If you’re an alumnus, we want to hear from you too! Give us a shout and tell us what you’re up to – whether you continued on into the TV industry or if you followed a different path, and don’t forget that you’re automatically a part of our alumni network, PaSTA! You can find the relevant groups on social media here:







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Visiting new studio

Thanks to the kind offer of Max Hunter ex-STOIC members were invited to visit Beit Quad today and view the new studio. The whole basement in Beit has been rebuilt and the space is used by a multitude of societies. Felix, STOIC and ICRadio and now much more integrated, with many shared spaces. The building work has just finished and the new equipment is about to be delivered – but as a bodger knows the bit before the shiny stuff goes in is far more interesting!

Some pictures from todays visit.

U-Matic Tape Archive

One purpose of the visit was to see what had happened to the U-Matic tape archive. Here there was very good news, all the tapes have been moved to college archival spaces where they are cryogenically frozen for our descendents to marvel at in centuries to come. Max mentioned he’s planning a major digitisation project of the entire archive which is great news.

Previous digitised U-matic-era material can be found at and including this gem – an interview with Chuck Norris

but let’s not forget the classic STOIC timewaster – the ident:

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Tape Archive Update

Andy Bennett, STOIC member (2001 – 2005) has sent me an update on the missing Umatic tape archive

Some news on the tape archive:

When I was in the Media Center over the summer I noticed
that the archive had disappeared and have been meaning to chase it up.
As luck would have it, I finally got around to it this afternoon and
Colin Grimshaw tells me that 1960->1986 is now in the main college
archive. He’s not sure where the rest is but I recall that there’s still
some Ampex 1″ in the Media Center as well as one more steel cupboard
full of tapes which I assume were missed when they moved stuff to the
College Archive.
2001 -> present are mostly in the stoic office still.

Not that I know what is definitely in the College Archive, I’ll
investigate the steel cupboard in more detail when I’m next in the
basement (which has been rarely, but I’m helping them with this
redevelopment stuff so there’s a chance I’ll be there again soonish).

Many thanks Andy – we’ll update when we have more news.

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